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Plans for Marketing & Editorial

Start out free, or make your creative work go further with one of our premium solutions.

ipz 612无弹窗全文阅读_ipz 612最新章节 ipz 612无弹窗全文阅读_ipz 612最新章节 ,亚马逊卓越网书店最新章节目录_亚马逊卓越网书店最新章节 亚马逊卓越网书店最新章节目录_亚马逊卓越网书店最新章节 ,超级赘婿林阳最新章节免费阅读_超级赘婿林阳最新章节 超级赘婿林阳最新章节免费阅读_超级赘婿林阳最新章节


Create interactive images, videos, infographics, maps, or virtual tours in private mode. Upgrade to publish when you are ready.


Enjoy all these features:

  • No publishing
  • Image and 360 image editing
  • Video and 360 video editing
  • Styling customization
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The best option for content teams and higher traffic sites. Includes offline viewing, 360 video and account rep.


billed annually

All pro features, plus:

  • Publish unlimited 360 images
  • Publish 5 TB of 360 videos
  • 750,000 views/year
  • 3 authors
  • Offline viewing
  • Account rep & training session
  • Add more authors or views anytime
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Frequently Asked Questions

Not ready for a free trial or have specific questions that aren't answered here? Let our sales team help answer your questions, sales@thinglink.com, or schedule a live demo.

How does the 5 day trial work?

You can test publishing ThingLinks for free under the 5 day trial. Activating the trial will require entering a credit card and you can cancel at any time during the trial and not be charged. Content you publish under the trial will redirect to ThingLink if you cancel. The license renews annually until canceled. If you need a longer trial don't hesitate to ask.

Do you have monthly plans and do I have to pay with card?

We don’t have monthly plans at this time, but if you have a special reason or case please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can send invoices starting with the Premium license, Professional upgrades must pay with card.

What about canceling my subscription?

Your plan will automatically renew each year until canceled, and you can cancel any time in account settings. You will still have access to your content after canceling and they will remain functional on ThingLink. Already embedded content will be redirected to be viewed on ThingLink. If you have concerns about this, please contact us via the email to your left.

What does no publishing and publishing mean?

Our Free Trial account allows you to fully explore ThingLink features and create interactive images, videos, 360 images and 360 videos. In order to publish this content or share it onward, you will need to upgrade to Professional.

What does “Publish five 360 images” mean?

Professional allows you to upload five 360 image files to your account and publish them onwards. This does not mean five tours with unlimited 360 images. If you want to have unlimited 360 image uploads and tours, please upgrade to Premium.

How are ThingLinks published, can I download ThingLinks?

It is most common to embed ThingLinks into your website or LMS via responsive embed code or oembed. Or, you can share a direct fullscreen link to the ThingLink. All content is hosted on ThingLink through Azure and AWS. ThingLinks can only be downloaded for offline use on desktop, primarily for when no-wifi is present. You can’t host ThingLink on your own servers.

Where do ThingLinks function, are they responsive?

Yes! ThingLinks are fully responsive and work excellent on all devices, from small phones to large touch screens. Phones, tablets, desktops, touch screens, big screen TVs, mobile VR headsets, WebVR.

What are views and what happens if they are exceeded?

Views are counted when a direct link or webpage with ThingLinks embedded is loaded and each load counts as one view. Once your account exceeds views, all embedded content will redirect to be viewed on ThingLink. You can purchase more views if needed!

What are authors?

Authors are defined as anyone on your team who will be creating ThingLink content. For example, if your organization has 4 employees who will be creating ThingLinks, we would recommend 4 authors. You can share content across the team and collaborate under one profile.

What can I measure with the statistics?

You can measure total and individual views, clicks, actions, time spent on content. It is also possible to filter by total v unique, date range and more.

Does ThingLink 360° content work in VR?

Yes! There are two ways you can consume ThingLink 360° in VR. First, through a mobile VR headset like Google Cardboard. Second, through WebVR supported devices like Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets, Oculus and ClassVR.

Is ThingLink GDPR-compliant?

ThingLink is GDPR compliant and the GDPR requirements are woven in our Privacy Policy, our GDPR developments are outlined here.

Can I resell ThingLink to my clients?

Yes, we have a reseller program! Learn more.

Do you have Nonprofit (NPO) discounts?

Yes! If you work or represent a nonprofit, you'll have access to special pricing. Not sure if you qualify? Contact us via the email to your left. Learn more.

What if I am a teacher or student?

We have accounts built for using ThingLink in the classroom for your lessons or with students. Learn more.

What if I am using ThingLink for eLearning or training purposes?

Create interactive experiences for eLearning, corporate training or paid online courses, and embed them on LMS or other platforms. Suitable for educational content creators and online publishers across all sectors. Learn more.

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